Jan Humphries

Fill-in-the-Blank Twitter App

Custom Twitter App

June 2015

See it on Codepen

UX/Design, HAML, SASS, CSS3 Perspective & Transforms, jQuery


Fill-in-the-blank Tweets was initially a concept I implemented at Abercrombie & Fitch for their annual Jeans Guide experience. Visitors could tweet using the #JeansAddict hash tag and ask for advice on fits and washes.

JeansAddict concept

I wrote the JavaScript necessary for the implementation, as well as the markup and styling to fit mockups from design. When it was live, many visitors made use of the feature.

JeansAddict example

For this CodePen prototype, I adapted the concept into a new UI with a different dropdown effect using CSS3 Perspective and Transform. I also refactored the JavaScript as I found ways to make it cleaner and have fewer interactions with the DOM.